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My Career is Relationship builder with a focus on Real Estate. My Name is Joshua Click. I work with Weichert, Realtors®- The Space Place in Huntsville, AL. I was born and raised in North Alabama. As I child, I was always drawn to anything real estate such as house plan books, real estate books for houses that was for sale and the local real estate show that would come on Sunday Mornings. I was always fascinated by real estate. One reason, I believe that I was drawn to real estate is due to my parents involved in real estate. Although they were never realtors, they did have their hand in real estate. My Dad built several of the Madison county Municipal buildings and remodel several others. My Mom worked in the inspection department closely with a lot of the builders in Madison County. They both instilled a hardworking and dependable work ethic and sense of pride to serving others into my brother and I. My family has had a construction business for the last fifteen years in which my dad, brother and myself have work together in. My brother has been in office for the previous three years at the Huntsville Madison County Builder’s Association with being the President of the Association last year. Along with running the everyday business of the family business, he is now the main instructor for the North Alabama Homebuilder’s Academy. My family and I have been no stranger to the real estate industry since my youth. With being involved in real estate since my youth, real estate is a natural calling for me. I have always loved helping others and what better way can you do that than to help them with their dream of homeownership. I know that Relationship Building with a focus on real estate my not be the be the way some realtors feel because some realtors are all about making this one sale and that is what they do and others are about relationship building with a focus on Real Estate knowing that if we build relationships one transaction at a time then we become that client’s lifelong realtor which is what I am all about. With my business as a relationship builder, I want YOU to Know it is all about YOU and not the sale. I want You to find what is perfect for you and if your home that you are in now is not perfect for you now I want to help YOU to transition into that new perfect home no matter what the case maybe. I love working with all types of clients whether it is their first time purchasing a home, a family that has out grown their current home, or an empty nester who is needing to downsize or a person who is looking for their vacation home or investment home. With each one of these it is all about YOU my client and what your needs are. You may ask why it is so important to me to make your real estate transaction so individually and one those reasons is because of my experience as a daddy of four boys and a husband of fifteen years. Each one of these five people that I just mention that is so important to me needs something different than the other four most of the time. My boys are all different; my wife and I are different: as well as my Brother being totally different from me. If we are all different and need different things, then there is now way I can expect my clients to be the same and I want you to feel the difference that Weichert and I bring to the table. Weichert, Realtors®- The Space Place the company that I partnered with brings the same core values as what I do to the table. Weichert, Realtors® was started as a family company in 1969 and has grown since then. Their success is rooted in their customer-first philosophy, making every organizational decision based on building trust and sustaining amazing experiences at every step along their customers’ journey to homeownership. When I would think about the real estate company that I wanted to invest in I always wanted my clients to have a one stop shop for everything that they need and that is what Weichert is all about. Weichert, Realtors- The Space Place and I are committed to doing more for our country the Great United States. I know that I personally don’t feel that I could do what our great armed forces does therefore for their service to us, Weichert and I are participating in the Military on the move program to give back to help our American heroes. We are grateful for them and we want to show our appreciation to them by this token of appreciation. When YOU choose to work with me you are not just hiring a realtor you are hiring a person who believes building relationships one transaction at a time. I look forward to working with you and helping you reach your next dream home for this stage of your life. Give me a call to where we can help you reach your dream home. I am Joshua Click with Weichert, Realtors- The Space Place. You can reach me at (256) 426-2275. I look forward to working with YOU.

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